Textile Friendly Object

While we have covered a series of possible structure that accumulate to build textiles, there are an almost infinite amount of variations and things that can be added that change the quality of a textile that we did not cover.

Any long thing material (especially pliable) material can be used as a textile material and integrated into braids, knits, and wovens. This includes materials like rubber tubing, paper strips, chainlink, materials that can be rolled or torn into long lengths like old blankets and rags, or even vines.

Furthermore, any material that lends itself to being threaded can be used in a textile. For instance, materials like sequins, beads, or other fabrics can be threaded onto a yarn prior to braiding, knitting or weaving, giving an additional set of textures. The through-holes on an Arduino can be threaded through by a conductive yarn to bind the hardware onto the surface (or within the structure) of a knitted or woven material.

Other solid materials can be integrated into the core of core-spun yarns, including fragments of wood, small ball bearings, magnets, etc.

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