Non-wovens describe a class of textile structures that are not created through knitting or weaving. In most cases, they describe structures that bi-pass the processing of fiber into yarn. Instead, non-wovens are textile-like materials that are created by other processes of extruding (e.g. chainmail or 3D printed textiles), growing (such as leather or kombucha), felting, a process by which individual fibers are tangled so much as to form a durable surface or structure, or electrospinning, where fibers are bonded into a fabric through electrical charge. These structures range in properties. Grown, felted, and electrospun materials are often not structurally stretchy, as they are relatively uniform and solid structures.

Primary Measurements:

The method of describing or measuring a non-woven would vary by the material.


Printing, Cutting, Attaching: Iris Van Herpin

3D printed fabric structures: Francis Bitonti

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