Sewing, Quilting, & Fabric Manipulation

A surface application for binding a single fabric into different structures and/or connecting pieces of fabric together, or interlacing a yarn through a fabric. It is one of the more common techniques used for e-textiles as a conductive thread serves the role as a wire within a simple circuit. The two most common techniques for sewing are hand sewing and machine sewing and each process follows a similar ordering of steps (though the instructions for implementation vary for if you are working by hand or machine.

Fabric Manipulation

Sewing is a great way to add texture and surface details to your project and there are needly countless ways that sewing can bind fabrics together or bind a fabric to itself to create textures. These techniques for added structure are described as Fabric Manipulation. For resources on these techniques we recommend:

Fabric Manipulation

The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolff

Pattern Magic Series by Tomoko Nakamichi


The Catalog of Rei Kawakubo (aka Commes des Garçon)


Quilting is another common way in which several smaller patches of fabric and joined into larger structures for the purposes of making blankets, rags, and/or quilted garments (such as jackets).

Electric Quilting Inspiration

E-textiles LED Matrix Quilts

Woven Core Memory Quilt

Configurable Quilt Squares with Motion Activation

Structural Inspiration

Gee's Bend QuiltMakers
Quiltmakers of Gees Bend Film:

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