a process for preparing non-woven fabric (like paper) by creating a solution of fibers in a pulp and drying them in sheets using a mesh like fabric. The videos below show techniques for creating paper from other paper as well as from plant materials:

Techniques for Creating Paper

Making Paper from recycling other paper

Handmade Paper from Grass

Stinging Nettle Paper


Techniques for Creating Yarns from Paper

Many people create textiles from paper-based yarns, simply by spinning or cutting individual sheets of newspaper and/or toilet paper. Both of those techniques are a bit hacked but these techniques have been refined over centuries, particularly within Japan. This paper/thread is created from a material called kozo and developed into paper fabric called shifu.

Examples of Conductive Papers:

Conductive Paper Source, Pasco:

Kirigami Based Paper Actuators

DIY Smart Paper

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