Dying / Resists

Dying is a surface application for structures that imbues them with particular color patterns and characteristics. Dying requires a chemical bond to form between a fiber and the dye compound. This chemical bond is what makes something a dye, rather than a paint, which is made from pigment and is attached to the surface of a material via a medium. Dyes typically produce a softer hand than painted yarns. Resists describe materials you can add to a material that protects that area from absorbing dye. As such, the two processes are related.

Dye Types






Dye Techniques



tructure Ability to be Dyed Ikat Shibori
Fiber yes no
Filament yes yes?
Roving & Top yes, but unlikely
Singles yes
Plied Yarn yes
Braided Rope yes
Knits yes
Woven yes
Non-Wovens no
Solid Objects sure

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