Physical State Change

Shape Change

pneumatics / jamming

artificial muscles

Lets start with a McKibben artificial muscle which consists of a rope that is braided around a **hollow tube. When you pressurize the fluid (air or water) in the tube, the braided structure amplifies the movement. In most DIY examples, we see these made by simply buying a pre-made braided hollow cord and shoving a hollow tube down the center of it.

pleating, folding, switch

auxetic structures (jifei, benhaz)

Mechanical Characterization

Sample Auxetic structures:

tendons (lea's paper)

biologic (lining)

temperature and twist

Color Change


Maggie Orth and others beginning in 2009 and we played around with integrating the yarns in various stitches to see what kinds of effects we could come up with.

Structural Color (nano-fabrication // liquid crystal)

Victoria Manganiello: Computer 1.0


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