A Fabric that Remembers


As a next phase in ongoing explorations of sensing textiles, We have created this exhibition piece of a fabric that remembers where and how it was pressed. The fabric is currently on display at Accenture Labs in San Francisco and uses both the fabric and tablet to visualize touch in realtime. My personal constraint that guided the work was to get as much of the circuitry as possible embedded into the fabric. Thus, for the e-textiles nerds out there, you might be happy to know that all of the wiring for the resistive sensing and voltage dividing is embedded into the fabric by way of using different resistance yarns. I have included all of the swatches I made in preparation for the final design for reference. A full description can be found at my lab webpage, unstable.design. Special thanks to Sasha De Koninck for introducing me to the wonderful world of 2-pic weave structures, and stocking the lab with every conductive material I could have ever wanted and to Shanel Wu and Emma Goodwill for their masterful work programming the ESP board to collect, store, and communicate to the visualization server in realtime.


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Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 11.11.54 AM