The Unstable Design Lab

generating theory and things

New Research Publications

We’ll spend the summer presenting new research. At the 2022 Designing Interactive Systems Conference we’ll be presenting An Intro to Weave Structure for HCI, a reflection and workbook that aims to teach weave structure to practitioners in human computer interaction; Biofoam as Interactive Material, a systematic exploration of the various design qualities and possibilities for gelatin based biodegradable and dissolvable foams, and Knitting Access, a study how people with disabilities approached knitted data trackers. At the 2022 Design Research Society Confernece, we’ll present Objects of Care, a card-based design activity for thinking creatively about care in design.

Future Heirlooms

In preparation for an upcoming solo exhibition, Sasha de Koninck is opening up her call for community solicited Future Heirlooms. Do you need something to wear in the future? If so, read more or request an heirloom.