4. Ply / Braid Exploration

First, make at least one string of at least 12 inches. You can make this by spinning the fibers offered in your kit, using one of the processes you developed in earlier weeks or something else that meaningfully changes the structure of string/fiber from the form it was supplied to you. Feel free to use Slack to ask further questions.

Second, pick at least one other string that already exists of at least 12 inches. This/These can come from your kit or any other string material you find around you.

One of those strings, either the one you make or the one you find, must be conductive.

Third, Ply or braid your strings together. Since one of these materials is conductive, you are essentially making your own conductive yarn.

Consider the properties you want your yarn to have. Is it continuously conductive or only in certain areas? Consider the properties of the other fiber(s) you are combining it with. Your finished ply/braid should measure 12in long.

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