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Select a topic related to the class (a textile material, process, or application) that you would like to explore the history of. You will present this to the class in the form of a 10 minute presentation (followed by 5 minutes of questions) about the material and its history. Please include at least 100 years within your history, even if you think your material is "new" - what came before it? what was the material source? etc.

Laura and Sasha will give example presentations in weeks 1 and 2 to help you develop a better sense of what such a presentation can look like.

The purpose of this activity is to:

  • become deeply familiar with the historical context of at least one material/process/application
  • to generate possible inspiration and inquiry for the other class members
  • to be able to investigate and source reliable archival materials related to textile histories
  • demonstrate critical thinking that links history to the present and future.

Suggested Resources:


Item Max Point Value
Execution: Did the presentation meet the key requirements of the assignment. Was it within 10 minutes, were there 100 years covered? Was the presentation visual quality good and clear? +3
Quality: Was there a coherent narrative linking the events discussed, were the sources used to inform the presentation cited and well respected? +3
Depth: Does the presenter demonstrate a depth of knowledge on the subject and is able to provide answers to student questions (or point them to resources where they might find the answers) +2
Engagement: Was the audience engaged in the material, did it provoke and interesting discussion or set of questions. +2

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