Student Projects

Betularia by Mary Etta West and Sandra Bae

Mary Etta West and Sandra Bae

Input: Galvanic Skin Response, Heart Rate
Output: Woven Haptics, Color Changing EcoFlex
Documentation: Color Changing Cell, Sensing and Haptics, Github

Transient Tapestry
Fiona Bell

Input: People, Nanocoatings, Natural Dyes, Time, Light
Output: Tapestry with Changing Pattern
Documentation: Project Webpage

Electrifying Non-conductive String:
The String Sheath & The Soft Pick-Up
Torin Hopkins

Input: Strings, Magnetism
Output: Sonic Vibes
Documentation: Video, PDF

Wearable Thermocouple
Casey Hunt

Input: Temperature Gradient
Output: Measurement and Sound
Documentation: Description and Instructions

Ivy Curtain
Minso Kim

Input: Shape Memory Alloy, Thermochromic Watercolor, Paper
Output: Shape and Color change
Documentation: Description and Instructions


Fidget Sweater
Annika Muehlbradt

Input: Fidgeting with Knit Bobbles
Output: Shape Change, Color Change
Documentation: Description and Instructions, Video

Weaving as a Scaffold for Molding Kombucha
Netta Ofer

Input: Yarn, Kombucha Scoby
Output: Sculpture
**Documentation: Description and Instructions

Colin Smith

Input: Breath
Output: Shape Change, Exhale Rate Data
**Documentation: Description and Instructions

The Happy Hanger
Liza Toklin

Input: Garment (Felted Pressure Sensor)
Output: Data Display Change
**Documentation: Description and Instructions


Coffee Toaster
Destin Woods

Input: Heat
Output: Shape Change via Bimetallic Strips
**Documentation: Description and Instructions, Video

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