Laura Devendorf, Assistant Professor & Director
ATLAS Institute & Department of Information Science, CU Boulder

Mikhaila Fiske
PhD Information Science, CU Boulder

Shanel Wu
PhD ATLAS Institute, CU Boulder

Chad Di Lauro
BS Electrical and Computer Engineering, CU Boulder

Fletcher Friday 
BS Technology, Arts, and Media, CU Boulder

Jolie Klefeker
BS Technology, Arts, and Media, CU Boulder

Jen Mah
BS Technology, Arts, and Media, CU Boulder

Nathalia Campreguer França
Visiting Research Student from Università di Trento


Allison Anderson
Assistant Professor, Bioserve Space Technologies, CU Boulder

Arielle Hein
Artist & Instructor, ATLAS Institute, CU Boulder

Janet Hollingsworth
Founder, BLDG 61, Boulder Public Library

Lori Emerson
Associate Professor, English & Intermedia Arts, Writing and Performance, CU Boulder

Maya Livio
Curator of MediaLive, BMoCA & Media Archaeology Lab, CU Boulder

Steven Frost
Fiber Artist & Instructor, Media Studies, CU Boulder

Sister Lab

Media Archaeology Lab

Practice-Based Researchers in Residence

Gaspard Bos, 2018

Emilia Louisa Pucci, 2017
Independent Designer

Past Members

Andrea Chamorro, 2018
BS Computer Science, CU Boulder

Rachel Bork, 2018
BS Mechanical Engineering, CU Boulder

Jen Liu, 2017-2018

Ian Smith, 2018
MS Create Technologies and Design, CU Boulder