Drafting By Cross-Section

Drafting By Cross-Section #

Drafting by cross-section allows you to think through the relationships between successive weft pics differently than the draft. It can also be helpful for planning and generating drafts from different layered cross sections. Here are some worksheets that can help you:

For a quick slideshow on how to draft by cross section using these worksheets visit: Drafting By Cross Section Tutorial

Creating Cross-Sections for Single Layer structures #

This can be useful for understanding how different pics will stack upon eachother or how color effects might emerge.

Single Layer Drafting by Cross section

Creating Cross-Sections for Double Layer structures #

This worksheet splits out warps onto two systems, corresponding to layers, which supports the drawing and drafting of cross-sections that move between layers.

Double Layer Drafting by Cross section

Creating Cross-Sections for However-Many Layer structures #

This worksheet creates columns within which you can draw your own warps on however many layers you like.

DIY Layer Drafting by Cross section