Upcoming Talks and Panels

With the conference season moving online, and several academic organizations turning a critical eye on their own biases and legacies, its been heartening to see change in structure and topics being presented within computing disciplines. Laura Devendorf, director of the lab, will be speaking at two upcoming events:

From Oct 9-11:
FabLearn 2020: Making as Resistance and Resilience
Fab Learn “bring[s] together key influencers and thought-leaders from around the world in education, policy-making, academia, design, research, and maker communities to learn, present, and discuss digital fabrication in education, the maker culture, hands-on learning, and instructional tools”
Registration is affordable and/or free for qualifying groups: https://nyc2020.fablearn.global/registration/

From Oct 24-30:
ACADIA 2020: Distributed Proximities
Distributed Proximities¬†aims to explore the complex contours of the moment by privileging operative modalities and their (re)organizational logics…Distributed Proximities¬†invites contributions of recent and emerging work in computational design innovation and culture. “
Registration is free for students: