Soft Object – A New Course to be Offered in Fall 2020

Laura and Sasha are designing a new course to be offered in Fall 2020, Soft Object. The course will cultivate a community of material researchers seeking to make soft things that expand how we think of interactivity. While starting with soft circuits, the class will support material investigations with novel techniques for textile structure, growth, computation and decomposition. Students will learn about different soft material structures, properties, and possibilities. As a course, we will develop, refine, and publish novel techniques for smart/functional fabrics in the form of a physical and open source digital “swatch book.” Students we will think about the history and future of textile and soft-object making, while conducting their own material investigations.

We are designing the course to run mostly virtually. If you are a CU grad student or undergraduate student, please join us. If you are an interested global community member, please get in touch with us via as we may look to develop a forum for public engagement and critique.

ATLS 4519/5519: Soft Objects
Monday/Wednesday 3:00-4:40
ATLAS 113 – Blow Things Up Lab

Official Listings: ATLS 4519 //ATLS 5519

2019 Residency Catalog Released

A residency catalog outlining our collaboration with Sandra Wirtanen is now available as a PDF and eBook. The 32 page catalog describes the methods and outcomes developed during the residency as well reflections on what aspects of the structure were mutually beneficial for the artist and research lab. While the findings are under review for publication, this “DIY” catalog offers a more aesthetic glimpse into our art/engineering collaboration. We are printing an initial run of 100 catalogs. If you are a part of an organization that would like to have some, please let us know. Unfortunately, we are not able to ship single copies to individuals and would encourage you to download the PDF or eBook.